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Oxford Grammar For EAP With Answer Keys

Oxford Grammar for EAP with Answer Keys

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a branch of English language teaching that focuses on developing the skills and language needed for academic study and research. EAP courses often aim to prepare students for university-level education, from foundation courses to postgraduate research. One of the essential components of EAP is grammar, which enables students to express their ideas clearly, accurately, and appropriately in academic contexts.

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Oxford Grammar for EAP is a comprehensive and practical grammar book that covers the key areas of grammar relevant to EAP students. It is designed to help students improve their grammatical accuracy and range, as well as their awareness of how grammar functions in different types of texts and genres. The book is suitable for students at intermediate level (B1+) and above, and can be used as a self-study resource or as part of an EAP course.

The book consists of 25 units, each focusing on a specific grammar point or area, such as verb tenses, modality, noun phrases, cohesion, and punctuation. Each unit has four sections:

  • Context: This section introduces the grammar point in a realistic academic text, such as an essay, a report, a lecture, or a presentation. The text illustrates how the grammar point is used in different disciplines and genres, and provides a model for students to follow.

  • Analysis: This section explains the form, meaning, and use of the grammar point in detail, with clear examples and tables. It also highlights common errors and pitfalls that students should avoid.

  • Practice: This section provides a variety of exercises to help students consolidate their understanding and apply the grammar point to their own writing and speaking. The exercises include gap-fills, transformations, error correction, editing, rewriting, and discussion tasks.

  • Extension: This section offers further practice and extension activities to challenge students and help them develop their grammatical range and flexibility. The activities include writing tasks, research tasks, online tasks, and reflection tasks.

The book also includes an answer key for all the exercises, which allows students to check their progress and learn from their mistakes. The answer key also provides useful feedback and explanations for the correct and incorrect answers. Additionally, the book has a glossary of grammatical terms, a list of common academic collocations, and an index of grammar points for easy reference.

Oxford Grammar for EAP is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their academic English skills and prepare for university-level study. It can help students enhance their grammatical competence and confidence, as well as their ability to produce coherent and effective academic texts. The book is based on authentic academic texts from Oxford textbooks, which makes it relevant and engaging for students from various disciplines and backgrounds.

If you are interested in learning more about Oxford Grammar for EAP or purchasing a copy of the book, you can visit the Oxford University Press website or contact your local Oxford representative. You can also access additional resources for EAP students and teachers on the Oxford EAP website, such as audio and video materials, worksheets, handbooks, and answer keys.


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