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Escambray La Guerra Olvidada Pdf 17

Escambray: la guerra olvidada

Escambray: la guerra olvidada (Escambray: the forgotten war) is a book by Cuban-American writer Enrique G. Encinosa, published in 1989 by Editorial SIBI. The book tells the story of the anti-communist insurgency that took place in the Escambray Mountains of Cuba from 1959 to 1965, against the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro.

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The book is based on interviews with former rebels, survivors, and exiles, as well as official documents and reports. It covers the origins, development, and outcome of the rebellion, as well as the atrocities committed by both sides. The book also analyzes the political, social, and economic factors that led to the uprising, and the role of the United States and other foreign powers in supporting or opposing it.

The book is divided into 17 chapters, each focusing on a different aspect or episode of the war. The chapters are:

  • CAPITULO I: The background of the Cuban Revolution and the emergence of dissent.

  • CAPITULO II: The formation of the first rebel groups in the Escambray and their initial clashes with the government forces.

  • CAPITULO III: The expansion of the rebellion and the organization of the National Revolutionary Front (FNR), an umbrella group of anti-Castro factions.

  • CAPITULO IV: The infiltration of CIA agents and weapons into Cuba and their impact on the rebel movement.

  • CAPITULO V: The military operations of Osvaldo Ramírez, one of the most prominent rebel leaders, and his death in combat.

  • CAPITULO VI: The government's counterinsurgency campaign, known as the Struggle Against Bandits (LCB), and its use of mass arrests, torture, executions, and propaganda.

  • CAPITULO VII: The role of women in the war, both as combatants and as supporters.

  • CAPITULO VIII: The role of peasants in the war, both as collaborators and as victims.

  • CAPITULO IX: The role of urban resistance cells in the war, and their coordination with the rural rebels.

  • CAPITULO X: The role of exiles in the war, and their attempts to create a unified opposition front.

  • CAPITULO XI: The role of international organizations and governments in the war, and their reactions to the human rights violations committed by both sides.

  • CAPITULO XII: The Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, and its effects on the rebel movement.

  • CAPITULO XIII: The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and its effects on the rebel movement.

  • CAPITULO XIV: The decline and fragmentation of the rebel movement, and its internal conflicts and betrayals.

  • CAPITULO XV: The final battles and surrenders of the remaining rebel groups.

  • CAPITULO XVI: The aftermath of the war, and the fate of the survivors and exiles.

  • CAPITULO XVII: The legacy and significance of the war, and its relevance for contemporary Cuba.

The book is available in PDF format online , as well as in print from various sources. It is considered one of the most comprehensive and authoritative accounts of the Escambray rebellion, and a valuable source for anyone interested in Cuban history.


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