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Kahaani (2012) Hindi Movie Dvdrip 720p

Kahaani (2012) Hindi Movie DVDRip 720p Review

Kahaani is a 2012 Hindi thriller film directed by Sujoy Ghosh and starring Vidya Balan as a pregnant woman who searches for her missing husband in Kolkata. The film was a critical and commercial success, earning praise for its gripping plot, realistic portrayal of Kolkata, and Balan's performance. Kahaani was also remade in Tamil and Telugu as Nee Enge En Anbe and Anaamika respectively.

In this article, we will review the film and its quality in the DVDRip 720p format, which is available for download from various sources on the internet.


Plot Summary

The film begins with a poison gas attack on a Kolkata Metro train, which kills all the passengers on board. Two years later, Vidya Bagchi (Balan), a software engineer from London, arrives in Kolkata during the Durga Puja festival, looking for her husband Arnab, who had gone there for work but never returned. She checks into a guesthouse run by a friendly old man named Satyoki "Rana" Sinha (Parambrata Chatterjee), who offers to help her in her search.

Vidya claims that Arnab was working at the National Data Center (NDC), but the NDC staff deny any knowledge of him. Vidya also finds out that Arnab's phone calls, emails, and photos were all fake. She then visits the police station, where she meets Inspector Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who is investigating the train attack. Khan tells her that Arnab resembles a man named Milan Damji, who was involved in the attack and is wanted by the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

Vidya and Rana follow a series of clues that lead them to an old IB office, where they find a code that points to an address. There, they meet an ex-IB officer named Bhaskaran K. (Dhritiman Chatterjee), who tells them that Damji was a rogue agent who had stolen a file containing details of 12 IB agents and their informants. He also reveals that he is Vidya's contact and that Arnab was one of the agents. He asks Vidya to hand over a pregnant woman's report that Arnab had sent to her before his disappearance.

Vidya realizes that she is being used as a pawn by Bhaskaran and his men, who want to retrieve the file from Damji. She escapes from them with Rana's help and decides to find Damji herself. She contacts an old friend of Arnab named Agnes D'Mello (Colleen Blanche), who works at a children's home. Agnes tells her that Damji had visited her a few days ago and asked about his son, who was adopted by Agnes. She also gives Vidya an envelope that Damji had left for her.

Vidya opens the envelope and finds a code that leads her to Damji's location. She calls Khan and asks him to meet her there. However, when she arrives, she finds Khan's dead body and Damji's son waiting for her. The boy tells her that his father had died in an accident and that he had called her to give her the file. He also reveals that he is Arnab's son and that Vidya is not really pregnant.

Vidya then explains the truth to Rana, who has followed her. She says that she was never married to Arnab, but was his colleague and lover at the NDC. They had hacked into the IB network and found out about Damji's file, which contained information about a mole within the IB who was behind the train attack. They decided to expose the mole by posing as a married couple and contacting Bhaskaran. However, Arnab was killed by the mole's men before he could send Vidya the file.

Vidya then reveals that she had implanted a fake baby bump on herself and used it to hide a pen drive containing the file. She also says that she had planned everything with Khan, who was also an NDC employee and Arnab's friend. They had staged Khan's death to fool Bhaskaran and his men, who arrive at the scene along with the IB chief (Saswata Chatterjee). The IB chief turns out to be the mole and tries to kill Vidya, but Khan shoots him dead.

Vidya then hands over the file to Khan and bids farewell to Rana and Damji's son. She leaves Kolkata with a smile, having avenged Arnab's death and exposed the mole.

Quality Review

The DVDRip 720p format of Kahaani is a good option for watching the film on a high-definition screen. The video quality is clear and sharp, with no noticeable compression artifacts or noise. The audio quality is also decent, with clear dialogue and sound effects. The subtitles are well-timed and accurate, with no spelling or grammatical errors.

The file size of the DVDRip 720p format is around 1.1 GB, which is reasonable for a two-hour film. The download speed may vary depending on the source and the internet connection, but it should not take more than a few hours to complete. The file can be played on most media players and devices, such as VLC, Windows Media Player, or smartphones.


Kahaani is a thrilling and engaging film that keeps the audience hooked till the end. Vidya Balan delivers a brilliant performance as the protagonist, who is determined to find the truth behind her husband's disappearance. The film also showcases the culture and atmosphere of Kolkata during the Durga Puja festival, adding to its charm and authenticity. The DVDRip 720p format is a good choice for watching the film on a high-definition screen, as it offers good video and audio quality, along with accurate subtitles.

If you are looking for a suspenseful and captivating film to watch, you can download Kahaani (2012) Hindi Movie DVDRip 720p from the following sources:

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