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INFINITELY INDIVIDUAL: THE Bracelets For Couples. Its history and its magic

This design makes diamonds with a high carat appear more impressive and also creates a sense of "sparkling volume" for smaller stones. The halo ring is the most sought-after engagement ring after the solitaire. Find out what makes a Halo Ring, which variations are available and why they are so popular.

The history and popularity of the halo Ring's popularity and origins

The word "halo", which means "circle of light", is of ancient Greek origin. It refers to "halo of light", halo (alos/alon halos/halon) describes the various phenomena that surround the main object or are arranged around it to form a reflection. The halo ring gets its name from this.

What is a Halo ring?

In the 1920s, at the height of Art Deco, halo rings were first prominently displayed.

The original halo ring has one clear diamond in the middle, brilliant or round cut and the frame is set with a row round diamonds, the refraction of which makes the central stone appear larger and more sparkling. The white gold ring is polished to a dazzling shine, or adorned with diamonds that are clear. Even a quarter carat looks much more stunning and a ring with multiple carats radiates pure luxury. It's not surprising, then, that this style of ring has been so sought-after as an engagement ring. However, there's a different reason.

In the dazzling light of the Halo

The halo ring was created in a variety of variations, even during the Art Deco period. It was possible to start by making the "halo", i.e. the frame. In addition to rubies, diamonds emeralds or sapphires were used; Not only round stones, but also beautifully placed square-cut stones were very popular. And what about the central stone? It was often replaced with an exquisitely executed pave, i.e. an interlocking of stone-to-stone set of many small diamonds in the same cut.

Vintage engagement rings inspire couples and jewelers to the present day. Halo rings are popular as engagement rings due to their unlimited customization options.

Halo rings today

The halo designs of today can be replicas of the Art Deco period, creations that are inspired by it, or completely individual variations. Anyone who wants to create their very individual halo engagement rings has an enormous amount of choice.

The main stone

Clear or colored, how would you like your diamond? There are a variety of options, as colored gemstones look great in halo designs, regardless of whether it's a tanzanite, sapphire or ruby, or emerald. A cluster of diamonds and a pave-cut center are also options. With the pave option, you can also acquire a high carat count at the lower cost.

The cut

The round cut and brilliant cut are two of the classics of the halo design which is based on perfect symmetry.

The princess cut is a good choice for Halo designs. Halo engagement rings that have the central gemstone of emerald cut, teardrop or oval are also known as.

The color of the halo...

It's up to personal preference. The ability to create halos is achieved using tone-on-tone, or by using stark or soft contrasts.

High-contrast - colorless diamond the halo of rubies

Royal - central sapphire with a the halo of diamonds

Tone-on-tone - pink diamond, halo of pink sapphires

When cutting the halo gemstones you can also pick square or round, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

The number of halos

The VIPs, royals and celebrities demonstrate how A single halo isn't the end of the road. Double or triple halos of colored gemstones and diamonds are technically possible as in the case that they are within the budget.

The band

Should the halo ring be made from platinum or gold? With the ring band, you can enjoy even more design options.

The choice of precious metal is vital here, but also the choice of the finishing of the band ring: high gloss, matte with or without gemstones. There are also pragmatic reasons to select the metal color. A white ring band, for instance, emphasizes the clarity (or high transparency) of a principal stone, whereas yellow gold can hide this shortcoming as not all diamonds are genuine.

Of course an engagement ring with a halo should also harmonize with the couple's wedding rings or wedding bands.

Is a Halo ring identical to an Engagement Ring? The "Halo Engagement Ring" is not an exact formula. While it is widely used as an engagement ring, the halo ring can be definitely a stunning piece of jewelry in itself, suitable for countless occasions. The halo ring can be highly customizable, and it can also be made more colorful and playful. Semi-precious gems such as topazes and peridots, or even zirconia are all options.


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