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I am Emilie. Founder and Owner of ENB Fitness.

I am a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and a dance teacher.

Originally I trained to be a dancer. I worked hard since I was 3 years of age, performing, taking exams and competing  to then finally go onto study dance at college. It has always been such a passion of mine, it enables the body to run completely free from the mind and lets you focus on that moment in time. Furthermore, I continued this journey to become a Dance teacher. 

This is when I realised how much I LOVED instructing and educating the importance of the body and looking after it. In 2019 I began my journey as a personal trainer.

I started my first my ever fitness classes at a local private gym and I was taking 1-1 PT sessions, 5 months later. 

Ever since, I have been working hard to make my business grow and make myself the best PT I can possibly be for myself and all my amazing clients. 


Suitable for all abilites

My classes are tailored so that everyone is welcome!

All exercises have different adaptations to make them both easier, and harder, which means no excuses. 

*Class prices vary between £5-£6 depending on the class length*

Personal Trainer | Online Coach |         Fitness Instructor  


What People Are Saying

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I couldn’t recommend Emilie enough for how amazing her PT sessions are. She is so lovely, and when your with her she makes you feel so at ease. When I am with Emilie my body consciousness just goes, she gives you so much confidence. She really is the best and so good at her job.

Courtney Joseph


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