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Surya Son Of Krishnan English Subtitles

Surya Son Of Krishnan English Subtitles

Surya Son Of Krishnan is a 2008 Telugu movie directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and starring Suriya, Simran, Divya Spandana and Sameera Reddy. The movie is a musical romantic drama that explores the life of Surya, a young man who goes through various phases of love, loss and self-discovery. The movie is also known as Vaaranam Aayiram in Tamil and Surya s/o Krishnan in Malayalam.

The movie was critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil. The movie was also a commercial success, grossing over 500 million rupees worldwide. The movie has a cult following among fans of Suriya and Gautham Menon.

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One of the challenges faced by the movie was to reach a wider audience who do not understand Telugu. The movie was dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam, but not in other languages such as Hindi or English. Therefore, many viewers who wanted to watch the movie had to rely on subtitles to understand the dialogues and songs.

Fortunately, there are several sources online that provide English subtitles for Surya Son Of Krishnan. Here are some of them:

  • [ZEE5]: ZEE5 is a popular streaming platform that offers a variety of content in different languages. ZEE5 has the full HD version of Surya Son Of Krishnan with English subtitles. The subtitles are clear and accurate, and match the timing of the audio. ZEE5 also has other features such as pause, rewind, fast forward and download. ZEE5 requires a subscription to access its content.

  • [Cinema Subtitles]: Cinema Subtitles is a website that provides subtitles for various movies in different languages. Cinema Subtitles has the English subtitles for Surya Son Of Krishnan in a downloadable format. The subtitles are in .srt format, which can be played with most media players. The subtitles are also synced with the video and have good quality. Cinema Subtitles does not require any registration or payment to access its subtitles.

  • [YouTube]: YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform that hosts millions of videos on various topics. YouTube has the full-length version of Surya Son Of Krishnan uploaded by Shalimar Telugu & Hindi Movies. The video has embedded English subtitles that can be turned on or off by clicking on the CC button. The subtitles are decent and readable, but may have some errors or delays. YouTube does not require any subscription or payment to watch its videos.

These are some of the sources that provide English subtitles for Surya Son Of Krishnan. However, there may be other sources that are not mentioned here. The viewers can choose the source that suits their preference and convenience. Watching Surya Son Of Krishnan with English subtitles can enhance the viewing experience and help the viewers appreciate the movie better.


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